26 April 2015

Welcome to the Safeguarding Children e-Academy www.safeguardingchildrenea.co.uk and the Staffordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board www.staffsscb.org.uk e-learning self registration suite.

Free e-Learning for Young People or Professionals and Volunteers who work with Children Young People and Families in Staffordshire (not Stoke on Trent).

(Some charges may apply)

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If our e-learning is not free for your organisation and you would like to purchase any modules the cost is £30 +vat per module per licence per person. Please contact us on elearning@staffordshire.gov.uk for more information

The suite includes the following modules:

Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect This course is for members of the workforce who work predominantly with children, young people and/or their parents/carers and who could potentially contribute to assessing, planning, intervening and reviewing the needs of a child and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding concerns. There are a number of different versions of this course available depending on your work area. Further information on the different versions will be provided as you progress through the self-registration process.
Think Safe, Be Safe, Stay Safe
Think Safe, Be Safe, Stay Safe Safeguarding children helps to address the ‘stay safe’ outcome of the Government’s Every Child Matters policy. The aim of this module is to raise awareness of the signs of abuse and neglect and understand when and who to report concerns to.
Safeguarding Children Refresher Training
Safeguarding Children Refresher Training The Safeguarding Children e-Academy has developed an online refresher course in collaboration with experts from 6 Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs), which covers all the changes in Safeguarding over the last three years.
Child Development
Child Development This module aims to increase awareness of the main issues around children’s and young people’s development. It provides learners with an increased understanding of the expected pattern of development and details the factors that can influence development.
Safeguarding Children with Disabilities
Safeguarding Children with Disabilities The course contains an overview of the national and local agenda in relation to children with disabilities, basic knowledge of the range of protection needs of disabled children and information on how you can enable them to communicate about their experiences and provide support.
Short Breaks for Disabled Children
Safeguarding Children with Disabilities – Short Breaks This e-learning module has been designed to provide the learner with an increased understanding of the role of the short break worker including the tasks and responsibilities involved when providing support for disabled children enjoying a short break.
An Introduction to the Autism Spectrum
Safeguarding Children with Disabilities – Autism This e-learning module aims to provide learners with a basic awareness of the autism spectrum and help to dispel many of the myths associated with the condition.
e-Safety This module will be useful for anyone who works with or is involved with children during the course of their work, and including parents.
An Introduction to Integrated Working (The Early Help Assessment / Lead Professional / Information Sharing)
Introduction to Integrated Working – Early Help Assessment This basic awareness course is made up of three learning objectives: the Early Help Assessment, information sharing and the role of the lead professional. The course will give you an in depth understanding of these topic areas so that you can confidently discuss the concepts with families, should you need to. It will provide underpinning knowledge for lead professionals or practitioners, prior to face to face training.


Access to this free training is strictly limited to employees of those departments and organisations listed. Any unauthorised access will be subject to a personal invoice.

If you have any questions about using this website please phone the Safeguarding e-Academy team on 01943 885083 or e-mail info@safeguardingchildrenea.co.uk.